Webinar Registration – 16:30 (EST) – Understanding The Current Macro Backdrop: MRB Frameworks And Non-Consensus Calls

November 9, 2023

16:30 (EST)

November 9, 2023 – 16:30 (EST)

Capital market performance has been shaped by macro events. Having the right macro framework will continue to be a key driver of performance heading forward in this backdrop.

One of MRB’s competitive advantages is in identifying the correct frameworks to contextualize macro events and positioning portfolios accordingly. We empower our clients with a unique perspective to consistently outperform the global multi-asset benchmark.

Join this upcoming MRB Webinar, with Phillip Colmar, MRB’s Managing Partner. Phillip will outline one of our core frameworks, which has enabled us to repeatedly lean against the consensus and accurately forecast the resilience of the global economy, spike in inflation, dramatic central bank rate hiking cycles, and upwaves in bond yields.
The consensus narrative has progressively capitulated to our view, but opportunities remain for those with a better grasp of the macro forces at play.

The Zoom call details will be forwarded in a calendar invite upon registration.

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