Senior Research Team

MRB has a substantial bench of leading asset class and regional experts averaging over 20 years of experience in financial market research. Members work in our London, Montreal and New York offices, but pull together as one disciplined yet innovative team to cover all major economies and asset markets.


Phillip Colmar
Partner, Global Strategy & Fixed Income

Phillip Colmar is a founding partner. He has extensive experience, both as a strategist and economist. Mr. Colmar focuses on global multi-asset investment strategy, trading opportunities, and ... View More

Mehran Nakhjavani
Partner, Emerging Market Strategy

Mehran Nakhjavani is a partner and helped found MRB in 2010. He has extensive experience in investment research and investment management, specializing in emerging markets and ... View More

Peter Perkins
Partner, Global Strategy & Regional Equities

Peter Perkins is a founding partner. He has extensive experience, both as a strategist and economist. Mr. Perkins focuses on asset allocation issues and strategy, key drivers of the global economy and ... View More

Warren Smith
Partner, U.S. Strategy

Warren C. Smith is a founding partner. He has extensive experience as an investment strategist. Mr. Smith focuses on the U.S. and other developed markets and works closely with MRB clients to ... View More

Strategists & ANALYSTS

Amr Abdel Khalek
Strategist, Emerging Markets

Amr Abdel Khalek joined MRB in 2011 and specializes in emerging markets (EM). Along with Mehran Nakhjavani, he is responsible for driving MRB’s house view on EM ex-China economies and financial assets... View More

Prajakta Bhide
Strategist, U.S. Economy

Prajakta Bhide joined MRB in 2017 and specializes in the U.S. economy, policy and asset markets. Her areas of expertise include business cycles, monetary policy, and macroeconomic modeling... View More

Santiago Espinosa
Strategist, Foreign Exchange & Absolute Returns

Santiago Espinosa joined MRB in 2010, and specializes in foreign exchange strategy and absolute-return investment ideas. He is currently responsible for ... View More

Salvatore Ruscitti
Strategist, U.S. Equities

Salvatore Ruscitti joined MRB in 2011. He has extensive experience in both top-down and bottom-up equity research. Mr. Ruscitti is responsible for MRB’s global and regional equity sector views... View More

Arshiya Malik
Analyst, Developed Markets

Arshiya Malik joined MRB in 2023, and specializes on developed market economies and policy. She supports the research team with data analysis and forecasting of regional economic trends and financial markets... View More