• Why the name MRB Partners?

    MRB stands for the Macro Research Board and was chosen to signal two meanings: our research is a collective process, and we offer a trusted macro board to aid clients in their investment strategy. Partners was also chosen to serve two meanings: that we are privately owned, and that we aim to build long-term partnerships with our clients.

  • Why independent research?

    We like to think outside the box and don't want to be constrained when communicating what we discover.

  • How do we compete with the availability of free research?

    You generally get what you pay for. Economic and investment commentary is largely free, but insights are worth paying for.

  • Are we economists or investment strategists?

    We are both. We have some of the best economists and financial market analysts in the world, but our first passion is investment strategy. Everything we do is geared to answering the "so what" question for investors.

  • Do we suffer from groupthink?

    Never. Our research team members are far too creative and inquisitive for groupthink.

  • Do we ever disagree internally?

    Frequently. We all have tremendous respect for each other, but encourage healthy debates, as they highlight areas to dig even deeper in our research. The greatest insights often stem from what was once a difference of opinion.

  • What if we cannot reconcile a difference in view?

    On rare occasions divergences in opinion can remain unresolved. We highlight these to clients as risk scenarios and level of conviction.