MRB TradeBook Track Record


MRB has a strong track record of making accurate, non-consensus calls, and providing clients with a clear road map to help them set their investment strategy. We find our use of flexible, but rigorous frameworks, our integrated global and multi-asset approach, and our formation of one cohesive viewpoint leads to a deeper and more holistic understanding of the forces at work in the global economy and financial markets. The result is stronger conviction, bolder calls, and more accurate investment strategy.

MRB provides one house view. There is nothing vague about our recommendations, and we are not shy to hold ourselves accountable.


Our primary goal is idea generation, but for accountability we provide a track record of our investment strategy. Over the past decade, a portfolio of our investment recommendations has substantially outperformed the global multi-asset benchmark, and with considerably less volatility. For details on MRB’s historical track record and current investment strategy, please contact us at