Weekly Macro Strategy – Skip The Pause – June 9, 2023



Weekly Macro Strategy – Skip The Pause – June 9, 2023
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The calming in bond markets since late-2022 and expectations of lower DM central bank policy rates down the road are starting to unravel in view of this week’s actions by the RBA and BoC.


Webcast – Long-Term Returns: An Uphill Battle – (12min:36sec) – June 6, 2023
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In this week’s Webcast, global strategist Peter Perkins discusses the outlook for capital market returns over the next decade and implication for structural allocations.


Webcast – Stay Selective With The U.S. Dollar – (8min:04sec) – June 1, 2023
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In this Webcast Santiago Espinosa focuses on currency trends in the developed markets based on the just-published global foreign exchange report. 


Global Foreign Exchange – No Recession = A Short-Lived U.S. Dollar Revival – May 31, 2023
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The U.S. dollar has regained some strength in recent weeks on the back of the unwinding of oversold conditions and persistent recession fears that have led to a churning global stock market which has benefited defensive currencies.


Long-Term Returns – Prospective Returns: Prior Tailwinds Are Now Headwinds – May 30, 2023
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Real returns on balanced portfolios of global equities and G7 government bonds will be lower over the next 10 years than in recent decades.


Weekly Macro Strategy – Boom Or Bust, Or Both? – May 26, 2023
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We continue to bet against a global recession, and do not expect DM policy rate cuts later this year.


Weekly Macro Strategy – It Isn’t Over – May 19, 2023
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The choppy tactical risk-on phase should persist over the summer.


Global Equities – Banks Are A Key Tell For Equity Performance – April 28, 2023
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Weekly Macro Strategy – U.S. Economic Prospects Dim, While The Euro Area And China Improve – April 21, 2023
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The calming in government bond markets will allow the choppy risk-on phase to grind ahead.


Webcast – Rate-Cut Optimism Is Excessive – (10min:58sec) – April 12, 2023
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In this week’s Webcast, global strategist Peter Perkins discusses the key drivers of capital markets in the year ahead and MRB’s recommended asset allocation.


Asset Allocation Strategy – Don’t Count On A Friendly Fed – April 6, 2023
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Global equities, G7 government bonds, global corporate bonds and even cryptocurrencies have posted healthy gains over the past month, despite the banking sector panic that erupted beginning with the closing of Silicon Valley Bank on March 9.


Foreign Exchange – Higher Interest Rates Will Snap The Weak Link Currencies – April 4, 2023
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Weak-link economies are at increasing risk of experiencing a recession triggered by higher borrowing rates.


Regional Equities – Late-Cycle Positioning – March 30, 2023
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Equity prices have been under pressure in recent weeks, but we expect the banking sector stresses to soon die down and for the global economic expansion to continue at a moderate pace.


Weekly Macro Strategy – More Bumps On The Road To The Finish Line – March 24, 2023
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Fragile sentiment relating to banks may linger for a while longer, but DM regulators will ultimately do whatever it takes to restore confidence in their banking systems…


Absolute Return Strategy – Interest Rate Normalization & Global Financial Stocks – March 15, 2023
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There are still widespread recession concerns, entrenched optimism on much lower inflation, and investors are generally confused about where we are in the economic and investment cycle.


Weekly Macro Strategy – A Widening Gap: Deleveraged Versus Weak Link Economies – March 10, 2023
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The risk-on phase seems likely to persist for as long as DM long-term bond markets are relatively calm, because recently only the short-end of the curve has reacted to rising policy rate expectations.


Webcast – Fed Whipsaw – (11min:07sec) – March 8, 2023
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In this week’s Webcast, global strategist Peter Perkins discusses the outlook for capital markets over the next 6-12 months and MRB’s recommended asset allocation.


Global Foreign Exchange – A Different Year For The U.S. Dollar – March 7, 2023
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The U.S dollar decline has stabilized as of late on the back of a further rise in U.S. interest rates compared to other markets and related risk-off phase.


Weekly Macro Strategy – Service Sectors Gain Momentum, Bond Yields Are Next – February 24, 2023
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The global economic outlook has brightened: service sector activity is strengthening, especially in the euro area and Asia.


Global Equities – Elevated Cyclically-Adjusted Valuations Underscore Risk – February 23, 2023
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Equity valuations are often elevated toward the end of economic expansions when investor sentiment is optimistic, and earnings are high, which is the case today.


Equities – Global Trade Is Key To The Earnings Outlook – February 16, 2023
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There remains considerable uncertainty about the economic outlook, but we have been and remain more constructive than the consensus…


Weekly Macro Strategy – Risk Assets Revel From An (Expected) Rate Pause – January 27, 2023
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We remain positioned for a further period of risk-on, as headline inflation will steadily decelerate in the first half of 2023 and DM central banks will soon pause their rate hikes.


Weekly Macro Strategy – Corporations Are Profitable And Still Want To Hire – January 20, 2023
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We remain positioned for a further period of risk-on.


Webcast – Don’t Worry, Be Happy? At Least For Now – (11min:23sec) – January 11, 2023
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In this week’s Webcast, global strategist Peter Perkins discusses MRB’s asset allocation recommendations and the outlook for investment strategy.


Webcast – Investment Strategy For 2023 – (9min:20sec) – January 3, 2023
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In this Webcast Phillip Colmar focuses on the key portfolio tilts that we recommend in 2023.


Absolute Return Strategy – Positioning For 2023 – December 22, 2022
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For much of 2022, global portfolios were confronted with the lethal combination of decisively weaker global economic growth


2023 Regional Equities Outlook – Positioning For A Resilient Global Economy – December 22, 2022
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A resilient global economy, elevated U.S. earnings and valuations, and an expected further depreciation of the U.S. dollar


Webinar – Best Ideas For 2023 – (77min:03sec) – December 14, 2022
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MRB’s senior research team provide a series of high-conviction and non-consensus ideas for setting investment strategy in 2023.


Weekly Macro Strategy – Bond Bulls Are Doubling Down Again – December 9, 2022
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The risk-on phase will persist in the near run, aided by a decline in headline inflation and the pause in the cyclical uptrend in DM government bond yields.


Theme – U.S. Treasurys: Rhyming (Inversely) With The 1980s – December 8, 2022
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It is common for investor expectations and market pricing to persistently lag economic fundamentals at secular turning points.