Playing A Maturing Business Cycle – December 19, 2022

A just-released webinar featured MRB’s senior research team’s high-conviction and non-consensus investment ideas for 2023. The webinar also included a Q&A session where clients inquired about the topics that were most critical in positioning their portfolios for next year.

One of the keys to investment strategy is to understand where the world is in terms of the economic/inflation cycle, and the vulnerabilities and opportunities ahead. To this end, while all (investment) eyes tend to focus on the major economies (two of which are primed to improve over 2022 – namely, China and the euro area, and the third – the U.S. – should prove resilient), our research has highlighted that the so-called weak link economies may yet provide the catalyst for ending the cycle.

For the short term, the recent easing in global bond yields will provide a reprieve for the most indebted economies and sectors. However, the interest rate-hiking cycle is not over and investors still face considerable risks ahead. Stay tuned.


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