Focussing On Longer-Term Investment Strategy – March 29, 2021

A just-published report concluded our recent research into the big-picture themes that form the foundation for MRB’s longer-term investment strategy. The first report focused on several overarching Macro Themes or forces that will shape the global economy over the next few years and quite possibly longer. The second continued our overview of Macro Themes by analyzing how the longer-term or secular inflation and policy trends are likely to evolve. And the final report outlined our Investment Themes that derive from our Macro Themes. These themes were:

  • Investment Cycle: Frontrunning The Business Cycle
  • Regional Equities: A Progressive Rotation
  • U.S. Equity Sectors: Focus On Relative Value Opportunities
  • The End Of The Bond Zealots
  • Migrating Away From The U.S. Dollar
  • Commodities: A Cyclical Rather Than Structural Theme
  • A Bubbly World


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