Another Challenging Year Ahead, But There Will Be Opportunities – January 3, 2023

A just-published report examined the investment opportunities and risks ahead, after what was a very difficult year for most investors. Fortunately, our absolute return performance was able to capture the major financial market swings in 2022, significantly benefiting the aggregate performance of the MRB TradeBook. Our recommended investment portfolio had generated a profit of 15%, which was stellar compared with historically huge losses in global equities and bonds, and with considerably less volatility. This adds to what has been a solid past decade of performance.

The report was devoted to the outlook for 2023 and related investment strategy. We concluded that investors will need to be much more tactical given that the economic, policy and investment cycles have all matured, but are not yet over. Nevertheless, there will be considerable dispersion among regional economies and earnings trends, which will provide long and long-short opportunities, as well as periods when shorting will be appropriate.

We wish everyone good fortune this year, and stay tuned.


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