A Surprisingly Good Year: Let’s Do It Again? – December 21, 2020

A just-published report examined the outlook for 2021 and updated our positioning in the MRB TradeBook, which included some new trades and a tightening of some stops, along with stop-buys on two non-consensus markets. The MRB TradeBook produced another year of strong returns, despite the wild ride in global financial markets and the world economy.

While prospects for 2021 are promising as vaccinations are now being rolled out, next year is sure to have more surprises. Perhaps the U.S. dollar will catch the majority off-guard and bounce, or a bout of risk-off could take hold and shake up today’s strong bullish consensus. Stay tuned.

Note: There will be a special MRB Webinar on Wednesday, December 23 that will present our best ideas for 2021, as well as answer questions from attendees, please click here to register.


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