Absolute Return Strategy – Selectivity After The Runup – January 12, 2021



Absolute Return Strategy – Selectivity After The Runup – January 12, 2021
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This report focuses on positioning around the potential for some near-term turbulence in global equity markets following the recent sharp upleg.


U.S. Sector Strategy – 2021 Outlook: From Rally To Rotation – December 23, 2020
 · Equities · 

The expected widespread rollout of COVID-19 vaccines has boosted the outlook for the global economy.


U.S. Equities – Election Post-Mortem: The Implications For U.S. Equity Sectors – November 17, 2020
 · Equities · 

The U.S. election will not be certified by the Electoral College until mid-December, but Joe Biden is almost certain to be the next president.


Absolute Return Strategy – The Ebb And Flow Of Uncertainty – November 12, 2020
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There has been a clash all year between the countervailing forces of the sudden-stop recession and unprecedented policy reflation.


Absolute Return Strategy – The Opportunities Are In The Laggards – September 10, 2020
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It has been a bumpy ride for investors over the past week as equities abruptly pulled back from overbought levels, before catching a bid yesterday.


U.S. Equities – Health Care Stocks: What’s At Stake In The Election? – August 13, 2020
 · Equities · 

Health care is one of the most exposed sectors to the outcome of the November presidential election.


U.S. Equities – Follow The Profit Cycle – July 23, 2020
 · Equities · 

The uncertainties unleashed by the COVID-19 pandemic pose a significant challenge for investment strategy.


U.S. Equities – Navigating The Growth Vs Value Style Imbalance – May 7, 2020
 · Equities · 

Growth stocks have continued to exert market leadership this year amid the COVID pandemic.


U.S. Equities – The Virus Makes The Timeline – March 31, 2020
 · Equities · 

U.S. stock prices have recently bounced from their lows. To a large degree, the performance of the equity market going forward will be a function of sentiment towards the 2021 earnings outlook


Theme – Lessons From Previous Equity Bear Markets – March 19, 2020
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The speed of the current selloff in equities, credit and oil has been remarkable, with a massive wave of selling pressure as investors rushed for the exits or to buy portfolio insurance.


U.S. Equities – Looking Back At 2019 and Ahead To 2020 – January 9, 2020
 · Equities · 

The U.S. equity market has started the year on a choppy note, with geopolitical tensions between the U.S. and Iran whipsawing stocks prices in recent days.


Webcast – U.S. Equity Market Outlook: How To Position In 2020 (19min:04sec) – January 3, 2020
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In this week’s Webcast Salvatore Ruscitti discusses the 2020 outlook for the U.S. equity market and how to position portfolios for the year ahead.


U.S. Sector Strategy – 2020 Outlook: Earnings Growth Will Still Be King – December 18, 2019
 · Equities · 

Today’s report discusses how to position U.S. equity portfolios for the year ahead.


U.S. Equities – Stocks Go All-In On A Trade Deal – November 18, 2019
 · Equities · 

U.S. equity prices have made new highs in the past month, with reduced recession fears and optimism about an easing of U.S./China trade tensions driving the advance


Webcast – Still Scope For Another Upturn In The Global Earnings Cycle (11min:28sec) – October 23, 2019
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In this week’s Webcast, Peter Perkins assesses the earnings cycle across major markets, its key drivers, and the implications for equity prices.


U.S. Equities – A Reality Check For 2020 U.S. Earnings – October 16, 2019
 · Equities · 

Third-quarter earnings season kicks off in earnest this week. Our report offers a preview of what to expect and what trends to watch.


Global Equities – An Old, But Not Fully Mature Earnings Cycle – October 15, 2019
 · Asset Class Reports · Equities · 

The global earnings upcycle is advanced, but should continue in the sluggish growth environment we anticipate in the year ahead.


Equity Sectors – U.S. Health Care Stocks: Un-Warren-ted Panic – October 11, 2019
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U.S. Sector Strategy – Stuck In “No Man’s Land” – August 29, 2019
 · Equities · 

The seesawing in trade tensions between the U.S. and China has kept equities on a rollercoaster ride in recent months.


U.S. Equities – What Health Care Stocks Have That Other Defensive Sectors Lack – August 20, 2019
 · Equities · 

Concerns about disruptive policy changes and headline risk in the lead-up to the 2020 presidential election have pressured the relative performance of the health care sector this year


Webcast – August Storms (9min:14sec) – August 14, 2019
Webcasts · 

In this week’s webcast Salvatore Ruscitti discusses recent trade and geopolitical events and their implications for the U.S. equity market outlook and portfolio strategy.


U.S. Equities – At The Edge Of A Cliff? – August 8, 2019
 · Equities · 

Equities have sold off sharply in the past week as the U.S. and China have ratcheted up pressure on each other in their deepening trade dispute.


Theme – MRB’s Annual Overview Of Key Investment Themes (Part II) – May 29, 2019
 · Themes · 

This is Part II of a two-part annual update of the big-picture themes that form the foundation for MRB’s longer-term investment strategy.


U.S. Equities – Navigating Trade Uncertainties – May 14, 2019
 · Equities · 

Equities have been jolted in the past week after an abrupt escalation in trade tensions between the U.S. and China.


U.S. Equities – Health Care Stocks: Putting Policy Risks Into Context – May 2, 2019
 · Equities · 

Health care stocks have been battered in recent months due to concerns about increased government intervention in the sector.


U.S. Sector Strategy – Signs Of Stability, But Too Early To Rotate Out Of Quality And Growth – April 4, 2019
 · Equities · 

The first quarter saw cyclical stocks rebound from deeply oversold levels relative to their defensives counterparts.


Webcast – An Update On The U.S. Market Outlook And Sector Positioning (7min:45sec) – February 13, 2019
Webcasts · 

In this week’s webcast, Salvatore Ruscitti discusses the outlook for U.S. equities and MRB’s recommended positioning.


Webcast – Perspectives From MRB Strategists (22min:43sec) – January 3, 2019
Webcasts · 

In this week’s Webcast, Warren C. Smith chats with various MRB strategists in our three offices, and examines the key investment issues that we expect will dominate the landscape in 2019.


U.S. Sector Strategy – 2019 Outlook: Staying Balanced And Diversified – December 21, 2018
 · Equities · 

Equity markets are ending the year on a downbeat note, with end-of-cycle fears and political uncertainties continuing to weigh heavily on investor sentiment.


U.S. Equities – Trade Whipsaw – December 10, 2018
 · Equities · 

Markets have been whipsawed over the past week amid confusion over the substance of a U.S./China trade cease-fire and fears that the recently agreed to truce will prove fragile