Absolute Return Strategy – Selectivity After The Runup – January 12, 2021



Absolute Return Strategy – Selectivity After The Runup – January 12, 2021
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This report focuses on positioning around the potential for some near-term turbulence in global equity markets following the recent sharp upleg.


U.S. Sector Strategy – 2021 Outlook: From Rally To Rotation – December 23, 2020
 · Equities · 

The expected widespread rollout of COVID-19 vaccines has boosted the outlook for the global economy.


Webcast – Top 5 Client Requests Of The Month – (12min:59sec) – December 1, 2020
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MRB assists clients with on-demand questions which cover a wide range of issues and asset markets.


Webcast – Is It Time For Financial Stocks? – (11min:28sec) – November 25, 2020
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In this week’s Webcast, Peter Perkins discusses the outlook for global financial stocks following the release of the MRB Research Highlight:
“Global Financial Stocks: Look For U.S. And EM Leadership” on November 18, 2020.


Webinar – The Great Equity & Currency Rotation – (89min:16sec) – November 18, 2020
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In this week’s special MRB Webinar, Phillip Colmar and Mehran Nakhjavani address the question of asset rotation and answer questions from clients.


Global Equities – Global Financial Stocks: Look For U.S. And EM Leadership – November 18, 2020
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Global financial stocks have enjoyed a solid bounce in recent weeks, breaking out of a trading range that had prevailed from June through October.


Weekly Macro Strategy – Moving Another Notch – November 13, 2020
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The pandemic is slowing the rebound in economic activity outside of Asia. However, the 6-12 month outlook has improved because U.S. political uncertainty has diminished and there are higher odds of successful COVID-19 remedies.


Absolute Return Strategy – The Ebb And Flow Of Uncertainty – November 12, 2020
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There has been a clash all year between the countervailing forces of the sudden-stop recession and unprecedented policy reflation.


Election 2020 – How Will The U.S. Election Shape Financial Sector Regulation? – November 2, 2020
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Financial sector policy proposals have largely been absent from this year’s election campaign as debates have mostly focused on issues such as the pandemic


Absolute Return Strategy – The Opportunities Are In The Laggards – September 10, 2020
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It has been a bumpy ride for investors over the past week as equities abruptly pulled back from overbought levels, before catching a bid yesterday.


Absolute Return Strategy – Equity Leaders Vs Everything Else – September 3, 2020
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Market leaders typically have a material influence on overall equity performance, but it has been dramatic this year.


U.S. Equities – Follow The Profit Cycle – July 23, 2020
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The uncertainties unleashed by the COVID-19 pandemic pose a significant challenge for investment strategy.


Theme – Mania Profiling (Part VI): What Assets Will Be Next? – May 12, 2020
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This report concludes our series on profiling asset manias. We began this series in late-2019 by outlining MRB’s framework for asset bubbles and compared the current macro backdrop with factors that have traditionally led to manic episodes.


U.S. Equities – Navigating The Growth Vs Value Style Imbalance – May 7, 2020
 · Equities · 

Growth stocks have continued to exert market leadership this year amid the COVID pandemic.


U.S. Equities – A COVID-19 Stress Test For U.S. Bank Stocks – April 14, 2020
 · Equities · 

The economic disruptions from the COVID-19 outbreak will weigh heavily on U.S. bank earnings this year.


U.S. Equities – The Virus Makes The Timeline – March 31, 2020
 · Equities · 

U.S. stock prices have recently bounced from their lows. To a large degree, the performance of the equity market going forward will be a function of sentiment towards the 2021 earnings outlook


Theme – Lessons From Previous Equity Bear Markets – March 19, 2020
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The speed of the current selloff in equities, credit and oil has been remarkable, with a massive wave of selling pressure as investors rushed for the exits or to buy portfolio insurance.


U.S. Equities – Bank Stocks: Irrational Pessimism – March 12, 2020
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Banks stocks have significantly lagged of late as the meltdown in bond yields has raised concerns about a recession in the U.S. The sharp sell-off reflects fears that COVID-19 and the plunge in oil prices will expose credit risks, with negative consequences for bank earnings.


Absolute Return Strategy – Trading Manias & Crashes – January 29, 2020
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Global equities stumbled in the last week after surging over the past year.


U.S. Equities – Looking Back At 2019 and Ahead To 2020 – January 9, 2020
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The U.S. equity market has started the year on a choppy note, with geopolitical tensions between the U.S. and Iran whipsawing stocks prices in recent days.


Webcast – U.S. Equity Market Outlook: How To Position In 2020 (19min:04sec) – January 3, 2020
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In this week’s Webcast Salvatore Ruscitti discusses the 2020 outlook for the U.S. equity market and how to position portfolios for the year ahead.


U.S. Sector Strategy – 2020 Outlook: Earnings Growth Will Still Be King – December 18, 2019
 · Equities · 

Today’s report discusses how to position U.S. equity portfolios for the year ahead.


Theme – Mania Profiling (Part I): Framework & Current Cycle – November 20, 2019
 · Themes · 

This MRB Theme Report is the first of a mini-series of reports that update our work on asset manias.


U.S. Equities – Stocks Go All-In On A Trade Deal – November 18, 2019
 · Equities · 

U.S. equity prices have made new highs in the past month, with reduced recession fears and optimism about an easing of U.S./China trade tensions driving the advance


Webcast – U.S. Bank Stocks On The Move (8min:51sec) – October 30, 2019
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In this week’s webcast, Salvatore Ruscitti assesses the outlook for U.S. bank stocks. Key highlights include:


U.S. Equities – Bank Stocks Awaken From Their Slumber – October 29, 2019
 · Equities · 

U.S. bank stocks have rebounded of late, with share prices breaking out of their recent range in absolute terms and relative performance reversing the downtrend in place since early-2018.


Webcast – Still Scope For Another Upturn In The Global Earnings Cycle (11min:28sec) – October 23, 2019
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In this week’s Webcast, Peter Perkins assesses the earnings cycle across major markets, its key drivers, and the implications for equity prices.


U.S. Equities – A Reality Check For 2020 U.S. Earnings – October 16, 2019
 · Equities · 

Third-quarter earnings season kicks off in earnest this week. Our report offers a preview of what to expect and what trends to watch.


Global Equities – An Old, But Not Fully Mature Earnings Cycle – October 15, 2019
 · Asset Class Reports · Equities · 

The global earnings upcycle is advanced, but should continue in the sluggish growth environment we anticipate in the year ahead.


U.S. Sector Strategy – Stuck In “No Man’s Land” – August 29, 2019
 · Equities · 

The seesawing in trade tensions between the U.S. and China has kept equities on a rollercoaster ride in recent months.