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MRB – The Macro Research Board  is a privately-owned independent top-down research firm that provides integrated, global, multi-asset investment strategy as well as actionable absolute and relative return ideas. Our views incorporate a long-term outlook based on in-depth thematic research, together with a rigorous set of frameworks and forecasting models/indicators that drive 6-12 month asset market performance.

Service Highlights

  • Global Strategy & Investment Themes
  • U.S. Equity Sector Strategy
  • Tactical Asset Allocation
  • Absolute Return Strategy
  • Emerging Markets & China Strategy
  • Global Fixed Income & FX Strategy
  • U.S. Macro & Policy

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Weekly Macro Strategy
Global Macro & Investment Themes
Global Asset Allocation
Absolute Return Strategy
Developed Market Strategy
Emerging Market Strategy

Global Equity Strategy
U.S. Equity Strategy
Global Fixed Income Strategy
Foreign Exchange Strategy
Commodity Strategy
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Investment Themes
Global Asset Allocation
Absolute Return Strategy
Regional Equity Strategy
U.S. Equity Sector Strategy
Global & U.S. Fixed Income Strategy
Currency & Commodity Strategy
Emerging Market & China Strategy
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