Momentum – MRB Cyclical Momentum Indicator: Gauging Technical Conditions – July 21, 2021



Momentum – MRB Cyclical Momentum Indicator: Gauging Technical Conditions – July 21, 2021
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The MRB Cyclical Momentum Indicator (MRB CMI) helps investors understand which markets have the biggest technical downside risk as well as upside potential ahead.


Weekly Macro Strategy – Be Careful Extrapolating Last Decade’s Trends – July 9, 2021
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We remain mildly pro-growth in terms of investment positioning. However, using the 2010s’ playbook for investing this decade will not pan out well.


Asset Allocation Strategy – Sustaining The Unsustainable – July 2, 2021
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The basic narrative for capital markets remains generally positive for risk assets.


Webinar – Long-Term Returns: A Challenging Road Ahead – (78min:38sec) – June 30, 2021
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Today’s Webinar features MRB’s Global Asset Allocation Strategist, Peter Perkins, discussing MRB’s long term returns framework.


Weekly Macro Strategy – A (Brief) Taste Of Risk-Off – June 25, 2021
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The recent pause in the cyclical uptrend in bond yields may persist for a while longer, but time is not on the side of bond bulls.


Long-Term Returns – A Challenging Road Ahead – June 22, 2021
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The poor starting point for equity, bond, credit, and commodity valuations points to subpar returns on balanced portfolios over the next decade, even as the global economy expands at a reasonable pace.


Absolute Return Strategy – Six Best Inflation Bets – June 15, 2021
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The outlook for U.S. and global consumer price inflation has become a hotly debated topic in recent months and now central to investment strategy.


Asset Allocation Strategy – Beware Too Much Good News – June 4, 2021
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Markets have already priced in a lot of good news, but there is good news still to come.


Weekly Macro Strategy – Breakouts And Breakdowns – May 21, 2021
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The mild risk-off phase should persist in the near run.


Webcast – Cyclical, Rather Than Secular Support For Commodities – (10min:17sec) – May 19, 2021
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In this week’s Webcast, Peter Perkins discusses the outlook for commodity prices based on current valuations and prospective demand conditions.


Commodities – Supercycle Narrative Is Off Base – May 18, 2021
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A new commodity supercycle is not underway, and investors should expect middling or worse commodity price performance in real terms on a multi-year horizon.


Weekly Macro Strategy – From Virtuous To Vicious – May 14, 2021
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The brightening economic outlook means that inflation pressures will steadily build and bond yields will move higher in waves.


Weekly Macro Strategy – Bumps, But No Derailing – April 23, 2021
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Global economic prospects are steadily improving, although investors should expect periodic minor setbacks until the pandemic truly recedes.


Weekly Macro Strategy – The Key Is To Stay Open – April16, 2021
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The risk of a near-term correction in equities, due to overstretched technical conditions and already elevated earnings expectations, has diminished because the uptrend in Treasury yields has paused.


Weekly Macro Strategy – Risk Assets Benefit As The Rise In Treasury Yields Pauses – April 9, 2021
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Global growth is strengthening and broadening, helping to sustain rising earnings expectations.


Webcast – A Consolidation Or Correction Phase Is Overdue – (12min:45sec) – April 7, 2021
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In this week’s webcast, Peter Perkins discusses the outlook for capital markets on a 6-12 month horizon and MRB’s asset allocation recommendations.


Asset Allocation Strategy – Capital Markets Begin Re-Aligning To Fundamentals – April 1, 2021
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The overbought global S/B ratio signals increasing risk of a near-term correction or consolidation phase, but underlying economic fundamentals remain quite positive.


Weekly Macro Strategy – Hitting A Fog Patch – March 26, 2021
 · Weekly Macro Strategy · 

This week’s PMI flashes confirmed that the global expansion is both broadening and strengthening.


Theme – MRB’s Overview Of Key Investment Themes (Part III) – March 24, 2021
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This is Part III of an update of the big-picture themes that form the foundation for MRB’s longer-term investment strategy.


Webcast – The Rebirth Of The Bond Vigilante – (10min:49sec) – March 17, 2021
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In this week’s Webcast, Phillip Colmar discusses the recent sharp selloff in government bonds and the ramifications for investment strategy.


Webcast – From Reflation To Growth – (11min:05sec) – March 10, 2021
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In this week’s webcast, Peter Perkins discuss the 6-12 month outlook for capital markets and MRB’s recommended multi-asset positioning strategy.


Asset Allocation Strategy – Into A More Challenging Phase For Risk Assets – March 5, 2021
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 Add to Favorite Reports Having been bearish on government bonds, their current selloff does not alter our… Continue


Absolute Return Strategy – Is Good News Now Bad? – March 4, 2021
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One of the leading threats we identified for financial markets in 2021 is now occurring, namely that bond yields rise too fast.


Weekly Macro Strategy – Some Bumps – February 26, 2021
 · Weekly Macro Strategy · 

The bond market outlook is bearish, with few places left to hide to avoid total return losses in the coming year.


Roundtable – Key Issues For Asset Allocation In 2021 – February 25, 2021
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The conventional playbook of an economic recovery and hyper-accommodative monetary/fiscal policy continues to underpin the bullish narrative on risk assets.


Asset Allocation – Which Inflation Hedges Are Appealing? – February 25, 2021
 · Asset Allocation · 

We have regularly noted that there is scope for medium term upside in the years ahead.


Weekly Macro Strategy – Losing An Anchor – February 19, 2021
 · Weekly Macro Strategy · 

The rebound in Treasury yields has spread abroad and has increased the odds of a correction in overbought risk asset markets.


Commodities – The Global Demand Recovery Alone Does Not Justify Recent Oil Price Gains – February 19, 2021
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Weekly Macro Strategy – It’s Different This Time – February 12, 2021
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A synchronized global economic recovery will gradually develop this year and coincide with a weaker U.S. dollar, and warrant a broader rotation away from the U.S. market within a global equity portfolio.


Webcast – Running Hot- (11min:06sec) – February 10, 2021
Webcasts, Webinars & Roundtables · 

In this week’s Webcast, MRB strategist Peter Perkins discusses the capital markets outlook for the next 6-12 months and MRB’s recommended positioning within a global multi-asset portfolio.