• Leaders In Idea Generation

    We know you don’t want more to read, you want better insights

    MRB was designed to foster idea generation and provide a roadmap for investors in what can often seem like an uncharted macro landscape.

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  • Experts In Thematic Investing

    Everybody enjoys a great story, especially one they can profit from

    Macro and investment themes are often the most effective way to explain the complex economic and policy environment along with our supporting in-depth analysis.

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  • Powered By Frameworks

    MRB’s frameworks are our competitive advantage

    Qualitative analysis often lacks rigour, while quantitative analysis can lack flexibility to deal with macro shocks or shifting structural trends; we find the sweet spot is in the middle.

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  • Driven By One Team

    We have talented investment strategists, but the value is in how we form our team

    Our substantial bench of regional and asset class experts operates as one cohesive team to provide precision and firepower in our coverage.

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  • One House View

    We draw clear and decisive conclusions from our research, so you don’t have to

    Offering a coherent and consistent set of recommendations with conviction across all major asset classes is something we take seriously.

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  • Truly Global

    Financial market opportunities and risks don’t stop at national borders, why would our investment strategy

    We start from a truly global foundation since economies, banking systems and capital markets have all become integrated.

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  • Integrated Multi-Asset

    Financial markets don’t operate in silos, why would we

    Our focus on the integrated nature of financial markets provides original ideas and reveals great investment opportunities as well as risks.

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  • World Class Servicing

    We aim to build strong longstanding relationships with our clients

    MRB has a highly knowledgeable client relations team located in Buenos Aires, Hong Kong, London, Montreal, and New York.

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About The Macro Research Board

MRB - The Macro Research Board is a privately-owned independent top-down research firm that provides integrated, global, multi-asset investment strategy as well as actionable absolute and relative return ideas. Our views incorporate a long-term outlook based on in-depth thematic research, together with a rigorous set of frameworks and forecasting models/indicators that drive 6-12 month asset market performance. MRB’s team of analysts and strategists leverage the firm’s robust research engine and their extensive experience to form one cohesive house view and ensure that investment strategy is articulated in a client-friendly manner.

MRB In The News

Phillip Colmar on CNBC, March 6, 2024
Phillip Colmar Managing Partner and Global Strategist at MRB Partners on CNBC

MRB Partners Global Strategist Phillip Colmar joined CNBC Worldwide Exchange host Frank Holland to discuss whether U.S. technology stocks are in a bubble.