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The Macro Research Board

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MRB - The Macro Research Board is a privately-owned independent top-down research firm that provides integrated, global, multi-asset investment strategy as well as actionable absolute and relative return ideas. Our views incorporate a long-term outlook based on in-depth thematic research, together with a rigorous set of frameworks and forecasting models/indicators that drive 6-12 month asset market performance. MRB’s team of analysts and strategists leverage the firm’s robust research engine and their extensive experience to form one cohesive house view and ensure that investment strategy is articulated in a client-friendly manner.

Asset prices are driven primarily by trends in economic growth, inflation, policy and liquidity/financial conditions. Individual asset classes respond differently to ... View More

MRB's unique and extensive set of integrated frameworks help us effectively analyze and forecast the world economy, policy and major asset markets ... View More

MRB economic and financial databases enable mass volume data analysis, statistical and econometric evaluation, and chart presentation. These databases are fed by a wide range of sources ... View More

We identify major themes and provide a long-term outlook for absolute and relative growth, productivity rates, inflation/deflation risks, required policy adjustments, the regulatory environment ... View More

We forecast cyclical economic momentum, inflation, interest rates/policy, exchange rates, commodity prices, etc. Our asset class outlook is based on economic cycle dynamics, policy environment, cyclical idiosyncrasies ... View More

MRB establishes one comprehensive house view. Investment strategy and recommendations are based on our extensive research, proprietary frameworks, models and indicators, and the experience of senior team members ... View More